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RELAXATION – Fuerteventura is the perfect place to relax and get away from it all. A place where you really can enjoy a ‘no news and no shoes experience’, but with all the mod cons and amenities right on your doorstep. Although the island falls under Spanish rule, do not be fooled into thinking that you will experience busy tourist crammed beaches and high rise hotels like on the mainland. Here all the buildings are low rise allowing you to enjoy the stunning volcanic backdrop and with over 150 beaches and secluded coves to choose from, you can literally find yourself sunbathing completely alone and without a care in the world. There is over 50km of soft white sandy beaches, and 25km of black volcanic stone. Many are scattered with little hills or natural windbreaks made of local volcanic stone, to provide complete privacy for those preferring to bare all and get an all over tan.

SPORTS – The winds that bless the Island bring water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Some beaches are better known for their currents and wave patterns and are always popular and busier than the other more secluded ones, but even on the busiest days there is still plenty of room for everyone. Some of the more popular sports locations are a little trickier to get to and often involve a short walk down a path way, too small or rough to accommodate anything other than a 4 x 4, but local guides and instructors will be able to point you in the right direction. In general parking or walking to the beaches is pretty easy as there is always one within a short distance. All the main resorts are right on the beach, but if its a more secluded experience you are looking for then complete isolation and tranquility is only ever a short walk, cycle, drive or taxi ride away.

AWARDS – The Island was declared a Biosphere reserve by Unesco in May 2009 and is home to many natural park areas, designated to preserve the natural and rugged beauty of the landscape. In addition is was also included among the 500 European Destinations certified by the Quality Coast International Certification programme as on of the most attractive tourist destinations for visitors interested in cultural heritage, environment and sustainability.

AMENITIES – With so many beaches to choose from it is difficult to list the amenities that can be found at each location, but most of the more popular ones are situated very close to the resorts, where restaurants, bars, toilets and other facilities are within a short walk. Many have sunbeds that can be hired for a small fee, and most have showers and toilets installed also. Parking is easy, as most of the popular areas have parking zones designated and visible, just make sure you adhere to the signs. If it says no parking on the natural park then don’t park.. unless you want a tow truck to come and rescue you and a nice fine from the local police man!

SUN CARE- The natural cool breeze will fool you into thinking that the sun is not as hot as it really is, so whenever you are out on the beach take plenty of water with you and keep hydrated. In addition, get a really good sun lotion and apply it regularly, especially if in and out of the water. It gets very hot here and you will burn before you know it, unless you are protected. Enjoy the sun and our beautiful beaches but please remember to leave the wildlife alone and take all your rubbish with you.

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