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Understanding different types of Yoga


An Article By Jamie Issac With The Voice 

Many types of yoga are offered here in Fuerteventura, but which one is right for you?

Hatha: This is the most widely followed style in the west and is suitable for all ages and levels and a good choice for beginners. It improves flexibility and combats stress and spends longer in each pose and focuses on breath, which can create a state of profound relaxation.

 Ashtanga: This is a dynamic and powerful combination of movement and breath. A strong and challenging yoga, it causes heavy perspiration and is great for the loss of toxins. An ashtanga class will follow the same series of poses each time. 99% action & 1% theory, it is a great yoga for those that like to move and with energy. It is a moving meditation.

 Vinyasa Flow: With many similarities to Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow yoga is movement with breath. It follows different sequences and is also dynamic and strong.

Power Yoga: Strong and dynamic yoga, for those that like to work up a sweat, whilst getting strong and lean.

Yoga Nidra: Sleep meditation, performed lying down, where you try and remain in the realm between sleep and awake, whilst following instructions. It is believed that 40 mins of good yoga nidra will have the equivalent effect of 4 hours good sleep.

Kundalini Yoga: An esoteric yoga designed to balance the chakras of the body and create an experience to assist in a feeling of overall wellbeing.

 Karma Yoga: A selfless form of yoga, that aims to balance your karma and improve behaviour. Through performing deeds and actions for others daily you can improve your behaviour and ability to distinguish between good and evil intuitively.

 Iyengar: A technique and posture driven style that focuses on correct alignment and breath, before progressing to more difficult levels of asanas.

 Bikram: Hot yoga practiced in a heated room. Designed to rehabilitate knee injuries, whilst sweating out toxins.

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