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Celebrity Interview – Boxer Kell Brook

Celebrity Interview by Luisa Follano 

In 2013,  26 year old fighter, Kell Brook, from the famous Ingle Gym in Sheffield will be stepping into the ring and competing for the Title of IBF Welterweight World Champion. After beating Argentinean Hector Saldivia, in a bout that lasted just three rounds, Kell won his shot at taking on Devon Alexander and bringing the title back to the UK. We caught up with the man himself, at a training session in the Millennium Gym in Caleta De Fuste, to find out what is involved and how he is preparing for the fight of his life.

How did you get into boxing? Bruce Lee!  I watched films like Enter the dragon and I was a really hyperactive kid, so my dad took me to the local gym and I started taking Karate lessons. They noticed I had a strong arm and something special, and as I could punch hard I got into boxing. I was nine when I started. I used to watch people like Naseem Hamed, and knew that was what I wanted to do.

What is it like fighting in front of thousands of people? I’m okay with it, as the music and lights and everything just disappear once you get in the ring. It’s like….just lock on and get on with the job!

What went through you mind when you beat Saldivia? The second they stopped the fight, I just knew that was it..that was what I had been waiting for, My next fight would be the one I have been waiting for all my life. Finally I get to fight for the Title of World Champ. I can’t explain how amazing that feels. Epic!

How are you preparing? I am here with my team. From the minute I get up they completely control my day. What I eat, when I eat, when I train…Its all focus, focus, focus now. Full on till the fight.

What kind of training are you doing? A bit of everything, sometimes treadmill, training, sparring eating weird things like steak and broccoli for breakfast all sorts. The team controls that. They monitor everything and keep raising the bar, so I get better and better till I am ready.

Do you have a weird diet or anything? It’s basically really healthy. Everything you would presume I can eat like salads and steaks…I eat. Towards the end, you know near the fight, they have me drinking about 15 litres of water a day, so my body gets used to having loads of water and doesn’t store it, and then when its fight time I stop drinking and all the water goes, dropping the weight, The nutritionist is clever at stuff like that.

Alexander has described you as a ‘Basic’ fighter. How do you respond to that? If he is expecting and training for a basic fighter then he is in for a whole heap of trouble! He better watch out, and when I get in that ring I am seriously gonna bring it! I am definitely going to be champ and there is going to be no stopping me! I am gonna dog him up!

How long do you expect the fight to last? I want a knock out, but I am preparing to go the full fifteen rounds if need be. I am gonna give it everything I’ve got. I am gonna be World Champ I have been waiting for this since I was nine, it’s mine!

You have a new baby at home, does that effect your training? No, she’s nine months old now and has her own room, so it’s hard but worth it. Everything has to stop now, it’s all about the training and getting ready, Christmas and everything is on hold…till the jobs done.

Can we expect the whole Naseem style entrance then, now you are fighting in the US? What you mean flying carpets and stuff…maybe, I’m sure the promoters will have something planned. My music is All of the Lights by Kanye West, at the minute…but once I get the title and I am back fighting on my home turf…then maybe some flying carpets would be good.

Do you have a lucky talisman or routine or anything? No, no lucky rabbits foot….I just train hard to get the job done!

How do your family feel about you fighting? They sort of go through it with me, there’s a sort of pressure on everyone till it’s over,  my mum can’t watch me fight though!

What makes a good fighter? Listen to your trainer and do what they say, you work hard, take everything in and have to be really focused. A good fighter is a thinker. Once that can think on their feet and react quickly. You gotta want win it!

How will you celebrate? I don’t know…it’s gonna be epic…erm probably Wow, one huge crazy party!

Thanks Kell, and good luck in bringing the title back to the UK!

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