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The Power Of Fuerteventura – Ley Lines

LEY LINES An Article by Luisa Follano with The Voice When you ask the residents why they moved to Fuerteventura, very few can actually give you a distinct answer and many will say ‘It just felt right’. To an outsider, this would probably seem a little strange, but for those of us that do live here, we seem to just …

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GOING GOATY – Enjoying The Local Specialties

Eating Goat Meat It is difficult to pass a traditional restaurant or tapas bar in Fuerteventura, without seeing the words cabrito, baifo or cabra on the menu. Roughly 65% of the world’s population have already discovered this delicious meat and eat it on a regular basis, yet the UK and Irish markets are slower in adopting goat meat as a …

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WHAT IS A CALIMA? An Article by Luisa Follano with The Voice Fuerteventura boasts a temperate climate all year long. However, at certain times of year we find ourselves in the middle of a natural phenomenon where the clear blue skies disappear and are laden with what looks like a mass of dusty clouds, casting an almost ethereal glow across …

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Angels’ Trumpets – Brugmansia

ANGEL’S TRUMPETS – MOONFLOWERS Brugmansia An Article By Debbie Greenfingers with The Voice  I am writing about one of my favourite plants this month. This is a fascinating plant with many aspects to it’s make up, both good and bad!  We are featuring ‘New Age notions’ and healing benefits in this month’s magazine, so I can’t think of a better plant to …

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