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The Power Of Fuerteventura – Ley Lines


An Article by Luisa Follano with The Voice

When you ask the residents why they moved to Fuerteventura, very few can actually give you a distinct answer and many will say ‘It just felt right’. To an outsider, this would probably seem a little strange, but for those of us that do live here, we seem to just accept this phenomenon as completely normal, as deep down many of us feel the same way.

There is something about Fuerteventura that draws people here. It is not an Island that offers prosperity or riches, it does not have a massive infrastructure that boasts luxurious living and for the younger generation, the career options too are limited. So why do we find ourselves drawn to this relatively insignificant piece of rock?

There is no denying that the island offers a more relaxed, slow paced and uncomplicated way of life but for many it also has a deeper and more spiritual connection that could be linked to its actual physical location.

The term ‘Ley Line’ was first used by a man called Alfred Watkins in the 1920’s who noticed that many religious and significant sites, when plotted, actually fell along straight lines. When connected, these lines stretched across the whole of the globe, intersecting ancient monuments such as Stone Henge, The Mayan Pyramids and the Pyramids of Egypt. It is suggested that our ancient ancestors were able to connect into the energy and vibrations of the earth and position their sacred monuments at points which offered the greatest spiritual connection.

Ley-lines are subtle energy paths across the Earth’s surface that expert dowsers can identify by using divining rods by tapping into the subtle etheric energy, more commonly  called orgone. Earth’s magnetic field is the flow of orgone which circulates through the core of the planet and back out again to the opposite pole on a perpetual circuit. The north and south poles are known as ‘Orgone Holes’ and have a particularly strong draw, however, the next most powerful areas are known as ‘Hot Spots’ and are places where volcanoes are found. One of the most powerful hotspots on the earth’s surface is the Canary Islands.

In addition, many of these ley lines mirror actual geological structures, like the edges of the tectonic plates that form the earth’s surface, areas of high mineral deposits, high volcanoes and deep Ocean gorges and are more commonly referred to as Vortices of power or energy. One such Vortex is the edge of the slow moving African tectonic plate responsible for the volcanoes and land masses that formed the Canary Islands. Under the Ocean, just off the coastlines of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, in the Bocaina Straits, is one such gorge.  The more you look into the documentation surrounding ley lines, vortex’s, orgone, magnetics and other new age or spiritual theories the more complex and tangled the web becomes, but one thing is certain. There is something special about Fuerteventura and though we may not yet understand it, many of us can feel it, and whatever it is, it may just be the key to understanding why so many of us have been drawn to this little island of sunshine we call home.

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