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Emergency Travel Advice from the British Consulate

LOST YOUR PASSPORT? Emergency Travel Documents

Need to get new paperwork or a passport urgently…

then click on the link below for the latest Consulate information 

Emergeny Travel Document Information

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  1. Hello, I lost my passport , I think about three weeks ago , whilst in Coarralejo. I have a flight booked back in mid April . Can you advise ?

    Pandy arthur

    • Hi,
      A good place to start is the local police station as the people here are really lovely and often things such as this do actually get handed in. Also, if you can retrace your steps, it is possible that someone has handed it in to a local bar or the taxi HQ so you can collect it.
      Failling that, you will need to contact the consulate. They are the only people that can help with emergency travel documents or replacement passports that are needed in a hurry. However, as you are not flying for a couple of months, you could actually contact the passport office and see what your options are. There maybe something they can do as its not urgent. Good Luck

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