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The Raw Revolution

Most people enjoy a huge lump of gooey chocolate cake, or tucking into a fudge brownie but when you are trying to loose weight or follow a healthy eating plan,such indulgent treats are usually off the menu. However, all this is about to change, as a new healthy and different way of eating has been re-discovered. We caught up with vegan and raw food chef Tadeja Mlinar to find out more about this phenomenon known as the Raw Revolution.

Many celebrities are turning to the natural diet, and chefs around the world now offer all sorts of delicious raw products including pizzas, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, and breads. But it is the desserts that are becoming increasingly trendy because of their divine taste and their ability for reducing body fat.They are made without sugar, eggs or any dairy products and unbelievably without an oven.

Raw food is completely natural and has been a part of the human food chain for centuries. This natural diet doesn’t contain any form of cooked food as fire was only discovered around 500.000 years ago. Before that, humans were eating only the natural, raw food available. Our sense of smell provided the key to what we should and shouldn’t eat and if something has to be cooked to smell good – then we shouldnt eat it. Many professions, that support the theory of a natural diet, agree that heating something to over 40 degrees will destroy all living organisms including vitamins and minerals.

Enzymes – Scientists discovered enzymes in food pretty late on but we now know that they are important for digestion. Mammals such as cows can build the most important proteins and fats that it needs to live by simply eating grass full of enzymes. They do this by combining their own digestive enzyme with that found in its food source. The same applies to us. Nutrition is not what we eat but what we digest.

Live food for a live bodyRaw food is alive with living organisms and during digestion we literally eat natural sun energy. Many vegans have excessive amounts of energy. A good example is the olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis who at the top of his career enjoyed a completely plant based and raw diet.

 Try it yourself

When making a raw dessert simply follow these three basic rules:

1. use dates for sweetening

2. use avocado to replace eggs

3. use nuts as flour

With these rules you can enjoy any dessert you wish – Guilt free!. Ice cream, cake, tiramisu, puddings, chocolate, energy bars, pies, cream slices…the choice is endless.

 If you fancy giving your body what it deserves, a live culinary feast full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins then maybe the Raw Revolution is for you, and remember fresh air, fresh water and a healthy diet is fundamental for any human being.

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