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Black winged Stilt An article by Ted Park with The Voice Fuerteventura This bird is very happy being out and about whether it is soaring above us or wading around in the water. This bird is unmistakable and very striking to look at and, fortunately for us, some have taken up residence here on our island and have bred successfully …

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MARINE FLORA An article by Hannah Mackay with The Voice Magazine Marine Flora can be separated into two groups; Algae and Sea Grass. Algae are simple in their makeup. They do not have roots, leaves or stems but do attach themselves to the seabed or even marine animals and objects such as turtles and spider crabs. Algae goes through similar …

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Angels’ Trumpets – Brugmansia

ANGEL’S TRUMPETS – MOONFLOWERS Brugmansia An Article By Debbie Greenfingers with The Voice  I am writing about one of my favourite plants this month. This is a fascinating plant with many aspects to it’s make up, both good and bad!  We are featuring ‘New Age notions’ and healing benefits in this month’s magazine, so I can’t think of a better plant to …

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