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Combining the Elements in Fuerteventura

Ancient Philosophers believe that in order to achieve balance and harmony in your life and home, a combination of the four elements earth, fire, air and water are needed. Here in Fuerteventura we are lucky to be surrounded by all of them and in excess, so bringing them closer to you and surrounding yourself with these elements, should help you feel in tune with nature, more spiritual and give you a heightened sense of belonging and relaxation.

The shops around the island are crammed full of interesting articles which will help you to create a harmonious atmosphere in your house, but the trick is not to go too mad and clutter up your spaces, as air should be allowed to flow freely throughout your rooms without being obstructed.  Choose items that are responsibly sourced, natural and come from the earth like polished stones, gems and recycled woods. Embrace the fire elements by burning incense and candles, or wearing jewellery made from natural lava stones, sands and glass.

Use water in your indoor and outdoor living spaces by installing little water features or fountains, and listen to the rhythmic sounds they produce. Bring the scents of nature into your rooms and fill them with good energy. Stop and enjoy the home around you. It is a place you should be relaxed, and turning off the TV, putting on some comfortable clothes and giving in to your senses is a great way to achieve this balance.

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