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6D CINEMA – C.C Las Palmeras, Corralejo.  DISABLED FRIENDLY FUERTEVENTURA Many of us take getting out and about for granted. But for some members of the community, just the simplest of tasks can be a real chore especially, if you are in a foreign place and don’t know what the facilities, paths, parking and amenities are like.  Sophie Wood, along …

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Photo by Still Light Photography

THE TRIBUTE OF BLOOD An article by Bernie Power with The Voice Fuerteventura I was waiting at the bus stop to leave Corralejo the other day, when a man stopped and asked me what the word Gua Gua, pronounced “WaWa” meant that was written on the road. He was English but spoke Spanish too as he lives in Gerona. He …

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Red-Veined Darter Dragon Fly An Article by Dave G with The Voice Fuerteventura  These beautiful Dragonflies are easy to spot, as they love water and are often found hovering around the pool. NOMAD BY NATURE The red-veined darter or nomad as it often called is a Dragonfly that is commonly found here in Fuerteventura. Not unlike our new writer, they …

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FLYING FISH “Exocoetus Volitans”

FLYING FISH “Exocoetus Volitans” An article by Hannah Mackay with The Voice Fuerteventura  As the summer is here, many of us head out onto the water and one sight that never ceases to amaze or charm is the sight of the Flying Fish gliding alongside you. There are 40 different species found in the oceans around the world and here …

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