Crispy Easter Nests

A Recipe by Sophie Wood with The Voice Fuerteventura

It’s Easter, so why not spoil yourself? Here is my idea for some delicious treats that the family will enjoy making as much as they will eating!

These Crispy, chocolatey little nests are really quick and easy to make and little fingers will love getting involved with the decorating. ( As long as they don’t eat it all !) Once you have a basic recipe, you can adapt it and change it in all kinds of ways, so that you can really get creative in the kitchen. This recipe uses dark and milk chocolate, but you can always substitute that for white chocolate instead.

Texture Twist

The cereals used to make these are corn flakes or crispys, but most kinds of cereals will work. Experiment with different kinds as they will change the look of your nests and also add a little difference in flavour and texture too.  

Eggstra Special

If you fancy an eggstra special treat, then play around with different flavours. Instead of just using chunks of ordinary chocolate, add in your favourite snack bar too, e.g. Mars, Bounty, Twix, chocolate orange, Aero, Star bar etc. The caramel, coconut, peanuts, orange, mint or biscuit will add a whole other level of texture and gooiness to your nests and taste delicious. If you are using white chocolate, then think about adding in a few marshmallows, for that soft and gooey smores effect. The whole idea of making these is to get a bit choclately and have some fun, so get creative and make some wonderful masterpieces that taste just as good as they look. 



• 100g of Cereal • 100g of Milk chocolate • 50g of Dark  chocolate • 100g of Unsalted butter • 4 Tablespoons of golden syrup • Chocolate eggs for decoration


Place the cereal, golden syrup, butter and chocolate into a heat proof bowl. Melt it all together by either microwaving for between 30 – 45 seconds or by using the Bain-marie method. (Place a saucepan of water on the hob, and pop the bowl with the ingredients in it on top. Allow the water to boil and melt the chocolate using the steam. Stir continuously). Using either method, make sure that the chocolate does not burn and keep little fingers out of the way as the chocolate will be really hot!

Next, add in the cereal and, using a wooden spoon, cover all of the cereal with the chocolate. Next, take a metal spoon and divide the chocolate between the paper cake cases. Push down with the spoon to make the nest shape and then top them in the fridge to cool. Once cool, remove from the fridge and decorate with little chocolate eggs and a lot of imagination.