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Corralejo – Sun, Sand and Surfing

Located in the northern part of the island is the bustling, lively resort of Corralejo. And if you are wondering how to pronounce that… then you are not alone. Corralejo is just one of the names on this island that people get wrong.. but no-one really minds. However, if you do want to try and say is like a local, then ‘Coral echo‘ is pretty close!

Just outside Corralejo are the vast and stunning sand dunes of the Parque Natural.

Watersports in Corralejo

Because of its location, Corralejo does get a little windy, which is great for those who enjoy messing about on the water. Surfers love the different beaches and coves and there are lots of places when you can ride the waves and learn how to surf like the professionals. Kite surfing, windsurfing and SUP ( Stand Up Paddle ) are also really popular past times and seeing magnificent, colourful kites filling the skies is a familiar sighting the dunes – as are the amazing tricks and acrobatics that the kitesurfer display, especially whilst practicing for the World Kitesurfing and Windsurfing championships which take place annually on Sotaveno Beach, in the south.

Corralejo is the perfect base for water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers

Fishing To Fashion

Corralejo began as a humble fishing village, much of which still survives today. Some of the elder locals have told me stories of the olden days, where the families followed the fish around the northern part of the island. They would spend part of their year in Majanicho, a small village at the northern tip of the island. They would then move to the islet of Los Lobos, which you can see from the shoreline in Corralejo, and eventually Corralejo. They would spend time in each place, catching fish and seafood, fixing their nets and raising their families. Now, the town is a thriving, bustling resort with the ocean at its centre but a High Street full of designer brands, High Street fashions, tax free shopping, bars, restaurants and local artisans. Los Lobos still has a few original huts, but unless you own one, you are only allowed to visit the island during the daytime and even the time you get to spend there, is limited to help maintain the local flora and fauna. If you want a peek at what Los Lobos is really like, then click here.

Baby In A bucket

One very well-known local man, who was born and bred in northern Fuerteventura, told me stories of how his brother was born in a fishing boat. At the time they were trying to get their very pregnant mother from the little stone built houses on Lobos, back to the wise woman in Corralejo, when she gave birth on the boat. His brother was put in a bucket, that was usually reserved for the catch, and remained there until they arrived safely on shore. He also told me stories of the people who lived in Corralejo at that time and how much his mother yearned to have an actual house, especially one of the little balconied ones that line the old Cobbled Stone Street. ( Which is now paved and known as the Old Town (or Calle Iglesia because it runs up to the church). He also told me how one particular year, they had managed to save enough money to buy a house, but his father decided that a new engine in his fishing boat a far better investment. So, she had to wait another 7 years before that became a reality.

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